Why the base $62,500 Alpine is still a steal

€54,700. This is the price that the Alpine A110 cost in its basic version when it was launched in 2018. At the time, it was the same price as the Porsche 718 Cayman in its entry-level variant without any equipment. Today the first price of the A110 is €62,500. As with all other cars on … Read more

Serious accusations against Spain

Similar to himself, Jérôme Rothen was very strong against Spain, beaten by Japan (1-2) in their last group match… Winner 7-0 of their first game against Costa Rica, Spain had made a strong impression. Jérôme Rothen was nevertheless picky after the meeting. “It is necessary to put things into perspective, he entrusted RMC with the … Read more

what is this subvariant BQ.1.1, at the origin of the ninth wave?

By Louis Valleau Published yesterday at 9:23 pm, Update 5 hours ago EMPHASIS – This sub-variant of Omicron is progressing rapidly among the sub-lines circulating in France. It would be more contagious than the current subvariant BA.5, which mainly circulates in the country. The ninth wave of Covid-19 is taking shape in France. According to … Read more

War in Ukraine: After Spain, several Ukrainian embassies and consulates are targeted by parcel bombs

Ukrainian embassies are the recipients of “bloody” packages around the world. Several Ukrainian diplomatic missions around the world have received “bloody packages” with animal eyes, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said on Friday. These incidents follow the sending of a series of letter bombs to Spain, including one destined for the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. The parcels, … Read more

Marvel: Thor’s Hammer is real

Fans of Marvel Studios movies were somewhat surprised to learn that Thor’s hammer, the god of thunder, actually exists. In reality, an American engineer has succeeded in designing a hammer that has the same property as the real Mjolnir of the king of Asgard. The origin and history of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer according to Marvel … Read more

Delbert, drug lifesaver

With every new file that lands on his desk, the rule is always the same. “We check whether the drug meets a clear medical need, and then we assess whether its development is technically possible in France or in Europe. When we are 85% sure, we go for it”, details Thierry Hoffmann, managing director of … Read more

World Cup 2022 Qatar | Boycott… or not: is the question really there?

We had left the epidemiological debates about the relativity of incidence rates and the potential harm of messenger RNA, there are now debates about the viewing figures of the World Cup in Germany. They have blossomed like poppies in the immense field of conflicting opinions in recent days. On the one hand, yes, we could … Read more

Covid, 9th wave: Isolation, sick leave, childcare… What are the new rules in case of a positive test or contact case?

Faced with the increase in positive cases of the 9th wave of Covid, are you familiar with the rules in place? The Independent takes stock. With an incidence of almost 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the 9th wave is evident here in France and positive cases are steadily increasing in all regions of the country. … Read more

Three killed in Russian attacks on Kherson region

The Finnish prime minister says that Europe without the US is not strong enough to take on Russia Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Friday made a less than rosy assessment of Europe’s ability to deal with Russia. During a visit to Australia, the leader of the candidate country for NATO membership stressed that Russia’s … Read more

an amazing unexpected pregnancy photo revealed

Meghan Markle, the very round belly: An unexpected pregnancy snapshot revealed – BestImage In less than a week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will see their documentary on Netflix. A film in which the couple exposes themselves and takes the viewer into their intimacy. The chance for fans to discover never-before-seen photos of the Duchess … Read more