A 79-year-old man presents to the emergency room with a bottle of beer in his buttocks

To remove this bottle of beer, the doctors had to perform an “emergency operation”.

This is an incredible story that this patient told the hospital staff. A 79-year-old Venezuelan arrived at the emergency room with a bottle of beer in his buttocks. He says it was put there by… three thieves. According to local media, these men broke into his house and got angry because they did not find any valuables to steal from him. Because of this, these thieves would have decided to put a bottle of beer in his anus.

To remove the object from his anus, doctors performed surgery at Maracay Central Hospital. The Daily Mail reports that the patient has a “emergency operation“, but no other details were given. In some cases, when the inserted foreign objects are sufficiently close to the anus, it is possible to remove them by hand. If necessary, the doctor can also insert a tube between the wall of the rectum and the stuck object But in this case surgery was needed to relieve the patient.

It is not the first time that men have arrived at the emergency room with objects in their anus. Last December, a patient went to the emergency room with a World War II artillery shell lodged in his anus. He had explained to the medical staff that he had tripped and fallen on the shell. The police and an explosives disposal squad had been called to the hospital. A spokesperson for the hospital had confirmed that “relevant safety protocols” had been followed and that there was no risk to staff, patients or visitors.

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