A bloody mass: the chilling ‘gift’ from Prigojine and the Wagner group to the European Parliament

A few days ago, the Wagner group with a sinister reputation posted a despicable and scandalous video. You could see how one of the soldiers of the mercenary Kremlin, accused of treason, was executed with a monstrous blow to the side of the head, his head carefully tied to a cinder block.

Very active alongside his master in the Kremlin to defend his role and strengthen his power, “Putin’s cook” Yevgueni Prigojine allowed himself to respond publicly and with the cynicism of an inhuman troll to the publication of said video.

“It’s beautifully done, it’s easy to watch. I hope no animals were hurt during filming.”, he said then. But the story doesn’t end there: it was only the dark first act of a very dark farce.


We have the propaganda we can, and that of the Wagner group is not in the side but in the dark and the blood. A few days ago, the European Parliament voted to declare Russia to be “state promoter of terrorism” and adding the Wagner group and Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechen troops to the terrorist organizations under the supervision of the European Union.

The public response from the Wagner group and its brutal boss was swift and particularly uplifting. In a sordid staging worthy of the worst criminal organizations, Igor Yesiliev, lawyer of the Wagner group and close associate of Yevgueni Prigozhin, at the latter’s request, submitted a “information folder” to the final destination of the European body.

And “information folder” very curious, and a threat that Prigozhin didn’t even bother to hide. As shown in the video below, it’s actually a mace with the abbreviations of the Wagner group, and its handle stained with fake blood, a direct reference to the execution we talked about in the introduction.

Everything is in a violin case – where spies and assassins hide the weapons of their crimes in old spy movies.

The bloody mass certainly did not transfer directly to any member or representative of the European Parliament, Wagner using Cyber ​​Front Z as a thin screen or, in the pro-Russian camp, a great sounding board.

The threat is nevertheless a threat, clear and terrible: in the hands of men who are not afraid of killings on Russian soil or abroad, the Wagnerian “hammer of vengeance” might one day serve again, in some form .

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