a former TPMP columnist teeters on why he left so soon

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna's promise that could cost him dearly.

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna’s promise that could cost him dearly. “There was something that was a problem”: A former TPMP columnist teeters on his departure from the show – C8

Since its debut on France 4, Touche pas à mon poste has seen a staggering number of columnists. If some chain the seasons together in such a way that they become essential figures of the program (Jean-Michel Maire, Gilles Verdez, Valérie Benaïm), others do not hesitate to close the door after just a few weeks. On this topic, a former columnist rightly explained the reasons why he left TPMP, even though Cyril Hanouna’s show is still a hit on C8.

A new face regularly appears around the table Do not touch My TV. As Cyril Hanouna explained this summer, he likes to test new people in order to have different talents on his set and thus prevent his show from getting stuck in a certain routine. And for this purpose it is Vincent Perrot – numerous memorable programs in the past (40° in the shade, the issuance of records), which appeared in 2020.

Vincent Perrot explains his departure TPMP

Unfortunately, if viewers were happy to see him on screen, Vincent Perrot – who can still be heard on RTL – had already given up his spot as a columnist after a few weeks. A surprise for the fans of the talk show, but an unavoidable situation according to the main stakeholder.

Something very simple happened, I guess I wasn’t really in my placehe simply revealed to Télé-Loisirs. It was at a time when [Cyril Hanouna] also necessary – and as always – to question itself, to renewHowever, he clarified that he was not comfortable enough to add this little something extra TPMPparticularly the fault of a universe that was not his.

More comfortable with motor racing or the world of cinema, he sometimes found himself disturbed by the topics discussed at the table. “There is…

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