a shunned writer gains support from famous authors, her sales soar

Famous authors, such as Stephen King or Margaret Artwood, came to help a young American writer who had expressed her grief after a book signing that no one came to. Chelsea Banning tells BFMTV.com about this unlikely surprise, which caused sales of her first fantasy novel to explode.

“It’s an incredible turnaround.” The American Chelsea Banning could never have imagined that the sales of her first book would increase Of crowns and legends do not explode at this point. Especially after his failed first book signing last Saturday… which only two people showed up.

However, it was this sad book signing, hosted at a bookstore in the small Ohio town of Ashtabula, that allowed the 33-year-old independent author to “explode” newspaper sales and Amazon with her novel fantasy. On Sunday, Chelsea Banning wrote a message on Twitter and TikTok to express his disappointment.

From discouragement to amazement

“Only two people came to my book signing yesterday (Saturday),” Chelsea Banning writes dejectedly. “So I’m pretty disappointed, especially because 37 people signed up to be ‘attending’ for the event. I’m honestly a little upset and a little embarrassed.”

“Saturday I wrote this tweet because I was a little discouraged to see so few people,” the 33-year-old writer confides to BFMTV.com, who says she still expects a dozen people, including friends.

A short-lived disapproval, since this message of desperation caused the reaction of many Internet users, including big names in literature: the young author received the support of Stephen King, Margaret Atwood or even Jodi Picoult on the social network .

“Welcome to the club,” replied Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, author of The Scarlet Maiden to reassure her. “I once did a book signing where no one came to except a man who wanted to buy whiskey and thought I was an employee.”

The American author Stephen King, known worldwide for his fantastic books, also went there with his support. He explains to Chelsea Banning that “On Salem’s first signing, there was only one customer. An obese kid who said (to him), ‘Hey buddy, do you know where the Nazi books are?'”.

Thousands of messages of support

Jodi Picoult, author of A thousand little words, she confided that she “sat alone at a signing table for long minutes before someone approached her to ask where the toilet was”. British writer Jonathan Coe says only one person came to see him at a detective novel festival.

“We chatted for a while and I told him how glad I was he was coming. To which he replied ‘Actually I’m Ian Rankin (a Scottish author) and I just came to meet you'”.

“When I saw the thousands of messages of support I received, I was absolutely blown away,” says the Ohio author. “I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing, I’m very happy. This week has been a great adventure.”

Of crowns and legends (“Of Crowns and Legends” in the original language), published last August, is the first book in a trilogy that follows King Arthur’s children in times of war, according to the book’s author, who had been working on it for two weeks. of years. Yes, this is my first book. Set twenty years after King Arthur’s death, his children try to live up to their father’s legacy and balance duty with private life.

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