Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine pays moving tribute to her son Arthur in C à vous (VIDEO)

On Friday 9 December, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine presented a new edition of It’s up to you on France 5. The chance for her to recall a tender memory related to her eldest son Arthur.

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In addition to being a successful animator, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is the proud mother of two boys: Arthur, born in 2004, and Vasco, born in 2013, from her love affair with architect Philippe Coelho. As the presenter of It’s up to you Although she rarely confides in her younger brother, she never forgets to mention her eldest son both in an interview and on the set of the talk show France 5. had said more about his relationship with his son Arthur during the health crisis. “We spend all night discussing this issue of being united, fighting this epidemic together and not pitting the generations against each other.“, she confided. Despite these minor clashes, this does not prevent the mother of the family from being proud of her eldest son and paying him a tender tribute on the set of It’s up to you.

A touching memory

On Friday 9 December, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received the actor Philippe Torreton, who came to promote his book Anthology of French Poetry. But before announcing his guest’s arrival, the presenter remembered the poem her son Arthur wrote to her when he was eight years old. A small work that she had presented to the other columnists and to Anne-Sophie Lapix, presenter of It’s up to you at the time. Proud of her eldest, she had asked singer Grégoire, one of the guests of the show, to interpret it in music. “My own poem is the one my son Arthur wrote when he was eight years old and which the singer Grégoire had kindly set to music.entrusted them before launching images from May 2015.

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Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine openly confides in her relationship with her eldest son

It’s not uncommon to see the host summon her eldest son on the air. Last January she received the psychoanalyst Gérard Miller to discuss the documentary The children of the century, they will never be the same again, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had not failed to evoke her somewhat complex relationship with Arthur. “I will show my son that during the pandemic I have been abused a lot, a lot, a lot precisely because he was part of this youth that sometimes disrespected the rules of confinement. I’m sorry I did that‘ she confided.

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