are motorcyclists and scooter riders eligible? (answers)

From January 2023, compensation of 100 euros will be paid to 10 million French people on low incomes.

In its note, the government indicates that it wants to continue to protect the French with a modest income, especially those who need their car to go to work, while the discount on fuel at the pump expires on December 31, 2022.

Up to 200 euros for a working couple and 2 cars

The fuel surcharge will cover French people whose income is in the first 2 income deciles, who work and who take their car to go to work. The compensation can amount to 200 euros for a couple who work and own 2 cars.

To benefit from this assistance, you must complete a form on the website with: your tax number, your registration number and a declaration on honor that you use their vehicle to go to work . The support is then immediately paid into the bank account in one go, without any additional steps.

Cyclists and scooter riders?

While car owners may covet this help, those with a scooter or motorcycle is also eligible for the fuel surcharge. It is better if you drive on thermal, rechargeable hybrid or electric vehicles. The conditions for two-wheelers remain the same as for motorists. Namely: having a job, a taxable income of less than 14,700 euros over the year, i.e. 1,314 euros/month in 2021 for a single person, less than 3,285 euros for a couple with one child or a single woman with two children, less than 3,941 euros for a couple with two children and less than 5255 euros per month for a couple with three children.

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