Barely exchanged against Griner, the terrifying message of the “merchant of death” about Ukraine!

Since his release from prison Britney Griner is at the center of many debates on the other side of the Atlantic, so much so that she has not yet dared to express herself in the media… Viktor Bout, also known as the “merchant of death”, does not have time yet wasted getting on Russian TV and making a chilling statement.

This is perhaps the most important information of this early season in the small world of the orange ball: Brittney Griner has been released after 10 months of imprisonment in Russian prisons. If some protest the decision of Joe Biden and his administration, a large majority welcomes this return. In addition, LeBron James talked about it this Sunday after the victory against the Pistons.

His release is incredible news, especially as the holidays approach. She will be able to enjoy her family. We are all in the same fraternity/sound in the NBA and WNBA, and we will welcome her with open arms and support her. We’re all very happy to know she’s back on our territory, that’s for sure.

Viktor Bout talks about Griner and his return to the army!

If everyone is talking about the subject, the main stakeholder is still discreet in the media. Undoubtedly upset, she must spend time with her wife and loved ones to rediscover the taste of a life of freedom. In Russia, on the other hand, Viktor Bout spoke quickly on behalf of the state media Russia todayand he explained what he said to the American as she exited the plane.

I wished him luck. She even tried to hold out her hand to greet me. Again, this is our tradition in Russia. We wish everyone the best and good luck. I think she was nice to me.

This conversation on the Abu Dhabi airport ramp went quickly, but the two former prisoners had time to exchange a few words. Far from tensions between Russia and the United States, far from criticism of the unfairness of the deal, they just greeted each other and wished each other well. For Brittney Griner, a bright future will no doubt be comparable to a return to the WNBA.

For Viktor Bout, on the other hand, the sequel could be much less idyllic. Not because his government shows him all colors, but because he already harbors a slightly more macabre ambition. As he explained Russia todayhe would very much like to go to the front in Ukraine:

If I had the chance and had the required qualities, I would really like to volunteer in the army and go to Ukraine.

It is therefore clear that Viktor Bout takes a stand for the war in Ukraine to please his government and show his patriotism. But when he expresses himself honestly, his ambition to go to war barely out of prison is pretty chilling.

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