Benjamin Biolay look-alike of his daughter Anna, born of his relationship with Chiara Mastroianni: striking and intricate resemblance

“I immediately looked at her like the other actresses, sometimes saying to myself ‘Hey, it’s not stupid what she did during this sequence’. She also sings really well, but I admit I don’t know if it’s in her genes.” and I’m not talking about mine, she has a real ease when she’s acting. It’s pretty impressive to watch,” then entrusted the performer, composer, author, actor and now presenter who we will find on Canal+ on December 21 for his Christmas show full of guest stars.

Proud of his daughter, serene with his ex

Since 2009, Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni are no longer in a relationship, but they have maintained a good relationship and also work together, much to the delight of their grand daughter. In Mary Clairedeclared the one who is also the father of a little Louise in particular: “Chiara is the woman of my life, my half, from a certain point of view. […] We remain a family. (…) I’m jokingly saying we get along better now than we used to! We have a great relationship, that’s true. It is the result of a will, because we have a child together.

Rosalie is a realization of Stéphanie di Gusto, to whom we owe the fascinating work The dancer with Soko and Lily-Rose Depp. This film is a free adaptation of the life of Clémentine Delait, the famous bearded woman of the 19th century. In the casting we find Benoît Magimel, Guillaume Gouix and Gustave Kervern, but above all, in the first role, Nadia Tereszkiewicz, revelation of almond trees. It is also this talented actress who stars in the clip of Benjamin Biolay’s latest hit, How is your pain.

Find the full interview in the magazine television 7 days from December 12, 2022

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