Charlene of Monaco patroness of the Rock: she even “bows” Caroline and Stéphanie, revelations

Charlene of Monaco has come a long way. The former professional swimmer has been going through a rough patch in recent months away from her family, her husband Albert and their two 8-year-old children, Gabriella and Jacques. The 44-year-old princess traveled to Africa to support animal protection groups against poachers and spent much more time there than expected. Not by choice but because his health is playing tricks on him. Stricken with a serious ENT infection, Charlène from Monaco had no choice but to seek treatment in Africa, unable to take the plane to return to the Rock.

Over the weeks, other explanations have become intertwined with medical reasons. To some, Charlene suffered not from a physical illness, but from psychological problems that required treatment and a lot of rest. Others saw the sign of a likely divorce between the Princess and Albert of Monaco, despite the Prince’s interventions and reassuring speeches to the media.

Ignoring the noise and rumors in the hallway, the lovebirds refocused on the essentials: Charlène’s well-being and that of their family, Gabriella and Jacques who, despite themselves, were deprived of their mother at important moments in their lives, such as birthdays and the Christmas period. But this bad family pass is over now. Charlène has made her great comeback in the princely family, timid steps at the start that have given way to a woman full of confidence and stability, eager to regain her place and impose herself.

The Rebirth of Charlene

The discreet and self-effacing woman that Charlène was during her early years as Princess of the Rock, admitted to the strength of the person she has become after her long recovery period: “Since then, water has been flowing under the bridges. In a year, Charlène has rebuilt herself and managed to turn things around in her favor. She even took overa source told the magazine Here is.

Weakened by a millimeter system, her apparently cruel plans and strict rules, Charlène finally won: “Monaco is a bit like Game of Thrones, you need to know how to thwart traps and pettiness. To protect herself, she set up a secretariat with five or six trusted people and now everything has to go through her cabinet.“, continues the source. And it doesn’t matter who makes a request. Whether it’s a distant member or the most active like her sisters-in-law, Charlène doesn’t let anything pass by: “Even Caroline and Stéphanie adhered to the new rulesBeware of those who get in her way, the former swimmer is no longer afraid to make waves.

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