controversy surrounding the intervention of a drag queen in a children’s cabaret

This Sunday in Bordeaux, a cabaret for children from 0 to 3 years is organized that has come under fire from critics and threats because of the presence of a drag queen on the program.

Le Figaro Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, controversy swells around the Caba baby party organized this Sunday in Blonde Venus, a cultural place managed by the Iboat. Based on a “concept artimported from the UK, the event will bring babies, babies and parents together for an afternoon of games interspersed with short shows. Spotted and discussed on Cyril Hanouna’s show Don’t touch my message (TPMP) this Monday, the presence of a drag queen in the program caused a stir on social networks. Many internet users find his intervention unsuitable for an audience of 0 to 3 years old.

The programmer, Jenny Morgan Jams, who has previously been the target of dozens of criticisms on social networks, has received hundreds of abusive messages and has since even threatened her directly. She filed a complaint on Thursday for harassment, defamation and incitement to hatred. “They call us pedophiles“Remember the young mother who designed this cabaret for babies in honor of her 2-year-old daughter.”I realized during my postpartum that there were few social places adapted to the parents of very young children, I wanted to create a benevolent space“, she specifies, denying any militant claim. Between the make-up stand and the ball pool, a workshop led by child carers and midwives is offered to the adults present to answer their parenting questions.

A show “adapted” to babies according to the organizers

The drag queen, who must realize”two two-minute dance numbers” in the afternoon “updated his numbersto the young age of the spectators, according to Benoit Guerinault, artistic director of the Iboat. Realize that imageof a made-up and gendered night creature of drag queenscan exclaim, he nevertheless deplores a controversy for which he believes there is no room.

«We don’t ask ourselves the question about clowns known for making kids sad», argues the one who regularly organizes events for children. “ A drag queen can wear suggestive outfits in adult shows; there she will be covered from head to footadds Jenny Morgan Jams. Before adding in annoyance: “I’m a burlesque revue conductor, that doesn’t mean I put on a thong in front of the kids on Sundays. You have to think a little.»

If it’s a provocation, it’s not about babies being unable to verbalize a response.

Michel Botbol, ​​psychiatrist

The Iboat accused of receiving public funding

Preserved for the time being, this cabaret for babies is now the subject of a security device reinforced by the Iboat and the municipality. Its cancellation is even being considered. “Don’t take any chances with kids. Perhaps what scares them the most is a protest with people screamingemphasizes Jenny Morgan James, saying to herself”shockedthrough the course of events.

96 tickets have already been sold for this free fair for children under 11 years old. The Blonde Venus room is provided free of charge by the Iboat involved in this project. Accused of receiving government funding, the company denies it. However, this is the case with Trafic, the association that houses it. Labeled Law 1901, it is financed to the tune of 10,000 euros per year by the City Hall of Bordeaux for its operating costs, according to information collected by Le Figaro with management.

According to Jenny Morgan Jams, the organizer of the event, TPMP offered her a right of reply given the magnitude of the controversy. She is still hesitant to honor this invitation on set.

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