Dropped by its Chinese shareholder, the company FCT, flagship of the Tarn industry, on the verge of liquidation

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The company Flow control technologies in Saint-Juéry, which has 70 employees, has just been let go by its Chinese owner. A judicial liquidation is possible if no solution is found.

Two years after the takeover in 2020 by the Chinese automation group, which had already cut 43 jobs at the time of the takeover, the Saint-Juérienne company Flow control technologies is once again in turmoil. Flagship of the Tarn industry, it now employs 70 people who focus on the construction of high-tech industrial valves for oil and gas.

The factory employed up to 200 workers, making it the 2nd industrial employer of the Albigeois. Over the years, the buyers succeed each other, the workforce decreases. It includes the American Tyco, Emerson and the Altifor group, before an initial judicial liquidation. Then the Chinese company takes control. Investment promises (we’re talking about 20 million), will never materialize. Did China’s automation group choose to sacrifice its subsidiary after recovering the technology? Nevertheless, Flow control technologies declared itself bankrupt a few days ago.

Towards a judicial liquidation?

“Of course I am very concerned about the employees of FCT. I was only informed four days ago by a phone call from the sub-prefect. Today (Editor’s note, yesterday) I inform hour after hour about this file, knowing that the economic competence belongs to the agglomeration community ”, summarizes the mayor of Saint-Juéry, David Donate. “I’m still surprised. The company was diversified, had ongoing contracts. There we learn that the Chinese owner is letting go of FCT. It’s crazy. The most important thing today is to help employees, to support them in retraining, if there is no recovery it.”

If a solution is not found in the coming days, a swift judicial liquidation could be ordered (maybe this week), which does not rule out the possibility of a possible buyer allowing the continuation of the activity.

“We will do everything we can to help them”

We are following this file closely within the agglo. “We are now in a period of observation. Let’s admit the lights are more red than green. I think we are headed for judicial liquidation. There is no more money in the treasury,” admits Roland Gilles, vice president of the agglo in charge of economic development.

The chosen one wonders. “In October I met the owner. Not for a moment did he speak to me of difficulties. Two months later we are here. We know that the global oil and gas economy is complicated. But OK. Today we must focus on the employees.

“It is our priority. You should know that the financial instruments are in the hands of the State and the Region. We are working on several tracks. We may launch applications when we are recruiting. It would be necessary, in relation to the state, to activate the Transco device, which would allow employees to suspend their employment contracts for several months in order to undergo qualifying training, while being paid in full “Finally, he proposes “to allow employees third places so that employees of FCT can work on their professional projects. Either way, we won’t let them down. »
Nevertheless, 70 families experience a very special Christmas Eve.

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