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Good news for many motorists: there will be a fuel surcharge for ‘big rollers’. This new aid follows the various rebates granted by the government and the TotalEnergies group. Indeed, the discounts will stop, but the price of fuel will probably continue to rise next year. Find out in this article the date of payment of the new fuel allowance 2023 and find the different support measures granted by the state.

New fuel surcharge payment date 2023

The government has announced that a fuel allowance will be granted to motorists from 2023. To limit the impact of rising fuel prices on the French budget, the executive has decided to introduce a new aid for those who make long journeys to work.

So this time a targeted impulse, towards “big wheels“. To take advantage of the fuel surcharge, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

As regards the date of payment, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Bruno the mayorsaid:

From 1 January 2023 we will introduce a fuel surcharge for those who work

Don’t forget that the price of fuel continues to rise, and the various discounts provided by the state and the group TotalEnergies, will soon disappear. Therefore, this new tool is eagerly awaited by many motorists and it will come from January 1, 2023.

If you want to learn more about this topic, check out our next article and find out who will get the new help in 2023.

Reminder of the various fuel subsidies granted by the state

This year 2022 will be marked by high inflation. Indeed, the rate is averaging 5.8% for 2022 and it is unlikely to stop. Experts predict inflation between 4.9% and 6.4% in 2023. A catastrophic situation for many French people and especially for those who use their vehicle to go to work.

That is why exceptional measures have been taken by the government. The latter has introduced discounts on the price of a liter of fuel.

  • From April 2022 to September 2022, a discount of 0.18 cents had already been applied.
  • In the month of September, an additional discount of 0.12 cents was decided.

The group TotalEnergies has also decided to make a gesture in favor of its customers. It initially granted a discount of 0.10 cents (in July 2022). Given the economic situation as we know it, the amount of the discount was subsequently reassessed. For example, motorists could benefit from a fuel discount of 0.20 cents when they went to the stations TotalEnergies.

However, please note that the end date of the fuel discount is approaching and you will soon no longer be able to use it.

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