Five-year-old boy survives python attack

A five-year-old Australian survived after being bitten, crushed and dragged into a swimming pool by a python as long as a small car, his father told the press on Friday (Nov. 25).

Little Beau was playing by a swimming pool in Byron Bay (East) when a ten-foot-long python attacked him from nearby vegetation, his father, Ben Blake, told Nine Radio. “I believe the python was waiting for a victim, a bird or something, and it was Beau».

The python is not poisonous

The python bit the child, knocked him into the water with him and wrapped himself around one leg. The boy’s 76-year-old grandfather jumped to the rescue and dove into the pool to pull him out of the water, the hose still coiled. Ben Blake then untied the python and tried to calm the situation down. “I’m not a little guy, I let it go in 15-20 seconds“, he said.

The boy, now regarded as “a real soldier“, is recovering well. “Once we cleaned the blood and told him he wouldn’t die because he wasn’t a venomous snake, he was fine.said his father. Although pythons are not venomous, the five-year-old is treated to prevent his bite from becoming infected.

Describing the events as “some kind of testBen Blake added that snakes were a fact of life in Byron Bay, a popular tourist town and surfing mecca eight hours north of Sydney. “It’s Australia. They are everywhere“, he underlined, specifying that the snake had been released and that”the badwent right back into the vegetation,”the crime scene».

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