Foot PSG – PSG: the price of the Stade de France is falling, Qatar is choking!

The takeover of the Parc des Princes by PSG made the news in recent days, but for now there are many differences of opinion between the club and the city of Paris.

Some time ago, Paris Saint-Germain offered an amount of about 50 million euros for the acquisition of the Parc des Princes. A ridiculous offer in the eyes of Paris City Hall, and in particular for first-time deputy Emmanuel Grégoire, who had denounced PSG’s offer in the Parisian columns. “PSG offer 40 million euros. It is cheaper than Paredes. Honestly ?! Do you really think the park is worth less than Leandro Paredes bought it 50 million euros? This is not serious. There is a form of pressure that cannot be justified is” he blurted out. For its part, Paris Saint-Germain wants to take ownership of its stadium in order to expand it and increase its revenues… even if it means changing stadiums? It is a possibility and logically the Stade de France is one of the possibilities to explore.

In total, more than a billion euros

The enclosure in which the French team plays has 80,000 seats and meets the expectations of Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, the stadium, managed until 2025 by the Stade de France consortium that unites Bouygues and Vinci on behalf of the state, is very expensive. And it is not for nothing that the sales price has been set at 600 million euros, an estimate by the Domains service. According to the national daily, although Qatar clearly has this amount, Paris Saint-Germain does not intend to pay such a price to buy the Stade de France. It’s not the gross price that makes PSG’s leaders wince, but in reality there would be too much work to do at the Stade de France, causing the overall envelope to grow too much. According to the estimates of the national daily, to pay for the stadium and carry out the works to make it meet the demands of the leaders, Paris SG would have to pay 1 billion euros for the Stade de France. An amount that the club of the capital does not want to invest for the fence of Saint-Denis. So the soap continues…

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