Football OL – OL-PSG: a popular fiasco that worries women’s football – Olympique Lyonnais

This Sunday evening, the star match will be broadcast on Canal + not a rugby match, but the top of the D1 for women between Olympique Lyonnais and PSG, two of the biggest teams in Europe. But the poster is no longer successful.

In the aftermath of the 2019 World Cup hosted in France, which had been a truly popular success, some were on fire and D1 already saw as many people congregate in the stadiums as Ligue 1. Particularly with Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain, our league has two major clubs on the world stage. And if some Champions League matches have broken records, it is clear that the return to reality this season is very brutal, even if more and more women are playing football in France. But the public is clearly not at the rendezvous anymore. So if PSG is happy to have sold over 10,000 tickets for its European match against Real Madrid, then we are a long way from last year’s rush. And what about Sunday night’s OL-PSG at the Groupama Stadium. Although some will put forward the date and time argument, Olympique Lyonnais will only count on 15,000 spectators at most. And the comparison hurts a lot.

OL-PSG is no longer successful, it’s sad

As Le Progrรจs recalls, in November 2019, in front of the same poster at the same stage of the season, more than 30,000 people came to support Olympique Lyonnais in their stadium against Paris Saint-Germain. And the regional daily recalls that only 3,000 supporters came for the match between OL and Zurich in the Champions League this week. Which clearly disappoints Sonia Bompastor. โ€œToday you are definitely with the best women’s football club in the world, with a unique record. To see the supporters of this club not mobilizing for this kind of ma’s is disappointing. We would like to see our stadium more supplied,” said the technician from Lyon, noting that if in France women’s football attracts fewer and fewer people, it is very different in Europe where the crowds are colossal and where the clubs are better organized.

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