Four children suffer cardiac arrest after falling into a frozen lake, two people are still wanted

In England, four children with cardiac arrest were found on Sunday 11 December in a frozen lake near Brirmingham. They are still in critical condition. Authorities warn of the precautions to be taken, the cold snap is raging in Britain this week with record temperatures.

Six people reportedly fell into a frozen lake. Among them, four children have already been found in one critical condition. The search continues, even though the authorities regret that there is little hope of survival. They were transported to the two hospitals in Birmingham.

six missing

Six people are believed to have fallen into this frozen lake in the southeast town of Solihull Birmingham, British relief told the BBC. The local fire chief reported to our colleagues that “the children were removed from the water and immediately resuscitated by the fire brigade and paramedics”.

The search was to continue overnight, but authorities regret that it is likely no longer a rescue operation at this point as the water particularly cold “Given the temperature in the water, the age of those who entered the water and the time they spent in it, this is no longer a rescue operation.”

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Heart failure

In critical condition, the children were taken to two different hospitals in Birhimgham, their ages have not yet been specified. “Unfortunately, the children in the water went into cardiac arrest and were hooked up to advanced life support systems on their way to the hospital,” a member of the ambulances on the scene told reporters.

They were placed under blue light as soon as they were found. In cardiac and respiratory arrest, their condition is very critical and the authorities have not released any news since last night.

One of the police officers involved in the searches was also taken to hospital and showed signs of mild hypothermia.

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Alert to frozen waters

Significant resources have been deployed to find the children as quickly as possible, between firefighters, police and ambulances drone has been used. Babbs Mill Lake is located in the middle of a natural park. The emergency services were called around 2.30 p.m. and were on scene seven minutes after the report.

The emergency services like to warn about the frozen waters in winter. Don’t go there, even if the ice seems thick, and watch out for the most vulnerable when you approach it. The regional office warns of the risks associated with the cold wave what is happening all over the UK. Further north, in Scotland, it can reach -15°C at night.

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