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Two days after the qualification of the French team for the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, Europe is still talking about Antoine Griezmann’s performance against England (2-1) on Saturday. Considered one of the best players of this tournament, the France international is unanimous.

France team: Griezmann, Europe

Antoine Griezmann shines during this World Cup 2022.

Qualified for the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, the French team can count on an Antoine Griezmann in top form since the start of this competition. The France international has become the best passer in The Blues history thanks to his two appearances against England (2-1) on Saturday and stars in a hybrid role of relay playmaker.

And if his performances are clearly unanimous in France (look here), his breathtaking game was also noticed in Europe.

England lose to Griezmann

This Monday, the British daily The Times returns to the copy made by the Atletico Madrid player against the Three Lions and explains why he represents one of the greatest players in international football. Peru like one of the greatest of its generation without a crown in the Champions League, the Habs have once again proven their importance in the selection axis here, there and everywhere on the field in this very special midfield role.

The media recalls that Griezmann was involved in 8 goals from his last 8 World Cup starts and often played the cl for his country at key moments of major competitions. At the same time, The Telegraph describes him as the hill allowing France, despite many withdrawals, to operate in this tournament.

Spain banned…

And the English are not the only ones to recognize the Habs’ immense World Cup. In Spain, the former FC Barcelona player simply invites himself on the front page of the Madrid daily Marca, which considers him return the tablereferring to his comments in 2018 when he judged himself on the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Back on stageGriezmann has adapted perfectly his role as a smuggler. And AS emphasizes being consideration worthy one of the best players in the tournament. A great recognition in Europe for the leader of France.

Marc’s front page Griezmann returns to the table

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