Has Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin sent a bloody mace to the European Parliament? – Liberation


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Elected officials and the media took notice that this filthy object had been sent to the European Parliament. But the authority explains to CheckNews that it has not received anything for the time being.

Many politicians and international media have repeated a video showing the delivery of a package, a massively stamped Wagner, which the boss of the Russian mercenary company, Evgueni Prigojine, allegedly sent to the European Parliament. A nasty detail, the handle of the hammer would contain traces of blood. Questioned by CheckNews, the European Parliament denies the authenticity of the series and explains that it has not received anything (for now). Which does not mean that the package will not arrive in Strasbourg or Brussels.

The sequence first aired on November 23 at 5:40 PM on a pro-Kremlin Telegram channel, CYBER FRONT Z. The scene is short: we see a man in a suit arrive with a case for musical instruments. But the latter does not contain a violin. The opening reveals a mass decorated with engraving, under which one can read PMC Wagner in Cyrillic. PMC means Private Military Company – Private Military Company in French. An explicit allusion to the Russian mercenary company, whose men fight in Ukraine, whose fatherhood Evgueni Prigojine no longer hides. The object is therefore decked out with a red stain on the handle, similar to blood, which the Telegram channel qualifies as “probably wrong».

case for musical instruments

The symbolism doesn’t stop there. The mace has been held aloft like a banner by Wagner’s men since 2017 when several of his members suffered torture, the

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