Hervé Renard’s huge half-time talk about Saudi Arabia’s performance against Argentina

Two days after Saudi Arabia’s incredible victory over Argentina (2-1) in the World Cup, the Saudi Federation has released footage of French coach Hervé Renard’s speech at half-time on Thursday, while the ‘Albiceleste is still with 1 -0 led. A tough talk that boosted Saudi players.

This time it’s the right call. Saudi Arabia delivered a monumental performance on Tuesday by beating Argentina (2-1) from the start of the World Cup. After this historic victory, a lecture by Hervé Renard set social networks in motion. Except that this big tirade actually dated back to September 2021 during a game against Vietnam that counted for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Two days after the Saudi triumph, the Federation posted an “inside” video in which we can enjoy the talk of the French technician during the break. As a reminder, after 45 minutes of play, the Albiceleste was still ahead of the scoreboard thanks to a penalty scored by Lionel Messi.

“Pick up your phones and take pictures with Messi if you want!”

“What are we doing here, Hervé Renard gets angry in English, his speech is translated by an employee. Saleh (Al-Sheri) is it busy? Pressing doesn’t mean ‘you have to play high!’ And the coach continues, still furious: “Messi, he has the ball in midfield and you stay in front of the defense! Grab your phones and take pictures with him if you want!”

After giving his players a soap opera, Hervé Renard does not calm down, but is more positive: “You were good with the ball. Did you see what you did? You don’t feel anything? You don’t feel. Can’t we come?” back? Don’t you feel it? They (the Argentinians) play relaxed! Come on guys, it’s the World Cup! Give it all!” Words that will boost the morale of the Saudis, heading into a 2nd period of anthology…

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