his only daughter publishes a disturbing photo four years after his death!

On May 7, 2018, the media learned of the sudden disappearance of singer Maurane. The artist then left tearful fans and loved ones behind. The day before his death, the interpreter of “You are my other” had performed in Brussels during a concert tribute to Jacques Brel. This is the conclusion of the city public prosecutor’s office after an investigation “accidental cause” thus ruling out the hypothesis of suicide.

Pour the Parisian, Marc Lumbroso, Maurane’s artistic director, had also expressed some confidences about his health issues: “ She mainly had serious back problems and sometimes had difficulty moving. And it had affected his voice. She underwent a rather painful infiltration treatment that also had digestive side effects.”

“I’ve taken a different path…”

This Sunday, December 11, 2022, there has been talk on social networks about the only daughter of the star named Lou Villafranca. The main stakeholder sent a snapshot of her as a child and a much more recent selfie. Many internet users were seduced by her beautiful face and her piercing blue eyes. His resemblance to his famous mother is unsettling! A rare publication that has generated numerous reactions on the well-known platform.

Unlike her parents, Lou Villafranca did not want to star in music, as she had indicated The Parisian.“I went in a different direction, I studied political science, I have a master’s degree and I’m starting a PhD, doing a little art on the side, especially drawing,” she confided in our colleagues. “Despite my parents, I didn’t want to be involved in music. No doubt from a spirit of contradiction. But today something catches up with me…”.


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