If Russia loses the war in Ukraine, Putin could activate his “Noah’s Ark” contingency plan to flee

According to a former associate of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president would have already prepared his plan in the event of a defeat in Ukraine.

And if Russia’s defeat in Ukraine was clearly in the Kremlin’s boxes? The option so feared by Vladimir Putin seems to be taking shape, as evidenced by the revelation of an escape plan.

According to a former aide to the Russian president, a grand plan to protect the Kremlin head could be put into effect if it lost the war. On Telegram, Abbas Gallyamov, political adviser and former speechwriter for Vladimir Putin, describes what the special operation “Noah’s Ark” is up to.

It was developed last spring and should be organized in the event of a “completely uncomfortable” internal situation, Insider says, to “find new land.”

leave Russia

Starting point: leaving the motherland. If China had initially had the Kremlin’s favors to host Putin, South America would ultimately be privileged. Argentina or Venezuela in the lead, the Russian oligarch and close to Putin, Igor Sechin, who is in charge of this escape plan, is close to power.

Because “the leader’s entourage does not rule out losing the war, losing power and urgently needing to evacuate somewhere,” added Gallyamov, who, however, has not worked with Putin for almost 10 years.

The head of the Kremlin spoke privately on Friday about the inevitable deal that must be reached with Ukraine to end the war.

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