is the new series with Claire Keim inspired by a true story?

TF1’s unpublished miniseries, candid research, broadcast on Thursday, December 8 in prime time, tells the story of a woman (Claire Keim) who receives an organ donation. True story or not?

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Rarely has the subject of organ donation been treated so head-on on television. candid research, a TF1 series whose first three (out of six) episodes will air in primetime on Thursday, December 8, is an unprecedented soap opera (our opinion). Both for the breadth it gives to such a delicate subject, organ donation, and for the power of the actors, at the forefront of series heroine Claire Keim (who recently paid tribute to her friend Charlotte Valandrey, who died last July died ). But is the series based on a true story?

Candid Investigation (TF1): Is the new series starring Claire Keim inspired by a true story?

Let’s put it down right away, the series, which echoes multiple true stories, is an original creation. It tells the story of Florence (played by Claire Keim, who returned to this scene that upset her), married to Vincent (Pierre-Fran├žois Martin-Laval) who is waiting, without believing in it, for a heart transplant. His life has become slow, boring, sad. Until the day the dream talk comes. Florence will be able to receive Ana’s heart (Lynn Van Royen, seen in Pleasant stay), a young Belgian woman who died in a car accident a few hours earlier. The tragic meets the miracle. Florence comes back to life. Breathe again. Then he begins to doubt, haunted by the same and repeated nightmares. She quickly continues to find the entourage of her organ donor. And meet Simon, Anna’s father (played by Kevin Janssens)…

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Do you have the right to know the identity of your donor?

When Florence in fiction tries at all costs to discover the identity of her deceased donor and meet her entourage, the reality is often very different. The law requires anonymity between donor and recipient. Thus, the transplanted person cannot know the donor’s family. However, he still has the option of sending an anonymous letter to the donor’s environment, via the collection coordination of the hospital. So far from the rapprochement that Florence used towards the relatives of her donor.

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