Jair Bolsonaro emerges from the silence and confides his “sickness of the soul”.

Mute and almost absent from public space for almost 40 days and his narrow defeat in the Brazilian presidential election, Jair Bolsonaro found his supporters in front of the Alvorada Palace. “I was quiet for almost 40 days. It hurts, it hurts the soul. I have always been a happy person among you, I even risked my life in the crowd,” the far-right president launched. “Some point to my silence. If I had gone out to say “hello” a few weeks ago, everything would have been distorted and changed,” he justified.

After their candidate’s defeat, thousands of Bolsonarists blocked roads and demonstrated in front of military barracks to demand that the army prevent Lula from taking power on January 1. Jair Bolsonaro estimated on Friday that “the armed forces are essential in all countries of the world (…) are the ultimate bulwark against socialism”. “The people are the ones who determine their fate,” he said.

“You decide my future, where I go. You are the ones who decide where the forces come from,” he added, specifying that “we are living at a crucial moment, a crossroads”. With the handover approaching, the next president Lula has already appointed five future ministers: Fernando Haddad for Finance, Mauro Vieira for Foreign Affairs, Flavio Dino for Justice, Rui Costa for Casa Civil (halfway between the Prime Minister and Chief of Staff) and José Mucio Monteiro at Defence.

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