Jean-Michel Maire (TPMP) waves to Cyril Hanouna…

Several years of Jean-Michel Maire’s service TPMP. Over so many years, very strong bonds have been forged with the members of the team and especially with the program’s host, Cyril Hanouna. But ultimately the one who had decided the daily life of C8 a few years before he returns to it, is he so close to the PAF troublemaker? He mentioned the subject precisely during an interview that Jordan de Luxe got for the program With Jordan.

“I Won’t Say He’s A Friend”, he immediately blurted out. However, that does not mean that he does not like Cyril Hanouna, on the contrary. In reality, Jean-Michel Maire wanted to give his definition of“ami” which he says doesn’t match the relationship he has with the host. “Because a friend to me is someone very, very close. We call each other every day, go on vacation together, etc.he explained before making sure that, for him, “c’is a boss”.

The nature of the relationship between Cyril Hanouna and Jean-Michel Maire

“I’d Say He’s A Friend”, he says anyway. And proof that Cyril Hanouna is a “friend” to Jean-Michel Maire are many privileges that his relationship with him would grant him: “I allow myself to say things to him that others may not dare to say to him. If I find that on the show, he was too hard on one of the columnists. Let me tell him”.

Then the one who revealed to have paid 700,000 euros for a threesome gave an example of the “stuff” that he allows himself to say to him: “One day I even texted ‘You’re a real asshole’. I said it seriously. ‘Yeah I’m an asshole and I like it’ with a smiling smiley face. We talked about it later and he said to me: ‘Jean-Michel, it’s funny because you’re the first columnist who’s been around for a long time. You’re the only one I’m allowed to talk to me like that because someone else would startle me. Because he’s a boss”. Simple “boss” or “friend”, the two men still value each other equally.

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