Jobs in disillusionment, life according to SAM licensees, in Aveyron

“At 59 and as a woman you don’t have much choice”deplores Mauricette Carles, who worked for thirty-four years as a production agent at the Société aveyronnaise demetallurgie (SAM), a car foundry located in the heart of the former steel valley of Decazeville (Aveyron) . “I went to personal assistance, she says. I didn’t need any education because I knew how to do housework at home. »

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Since August 8, Mimi, that’s her name, starts her days at 7:45 am, travels miles to get home to the elderly in need of care and is finally home exhausted at 7 pm. “I feed my chickens and my dogs, and I go to bed because I’ve shrunkshe sighs. Morally, it’s hard. I whine, and there are nights when I don’t sleep well. I’m not 20 anymore and old age hits me. She scares me. »

On November 26, 2021, after many twists and turns, the Commercial Court of Toulouse finally sealed the fate of this company, founded in 1973, by deciding to immediately cease its activity. Like the approximately 330 other employees, Mimi was fired. As part of the special fund for the retraining of automotive workers, decided in 2021, she could have benefited from the buyout of quarters to retire early. However, this is not the case.

“Two layoffs in one year”

“Even though I have all my quarters, I am missing 5,000 euros in contribution, she explains. I have not validated my long career. So I took the bull by the horns by signing a six-month contract. » To encourage herself, she puts things into perspective: “I am not the most pitiful. I’ve got a job, I’m getting paid and it won’t be long now. » Of the former employees, 205 have found their way back to work or training. But only 57 of them have signed a permanent contract.

“It’s Not Enough”regrets Ghislaine Gistau, former quality manager and representative of the CGT, who joined SAM twenty-seven years ago. “However, we were told over and over again that it wouldn’t be complicated to find a CDI”tease the one who has already started her phase after the SAM: since the 1is September she is working in an administration for a period of three years.

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The bond between the former employees of the foundry has not been broken. The SAM Foundry Association, which sponsored Mme Gistau has been presiding since its founding in January, allows a fraternal contact to be maintained. On Saturday November 12, the association organized an aperitif concert in the village hall of Boisse-Penchot, a village of 500 inhabitants, eight minutes by car from Decazeville. “My God, it feels good, remembers Mimi, who smiles again. We jumped into each other’s arms. We have laughed. I took advantage of it. It’s doing terribly well because my colleagues, I love them. »

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