Laurent Blanc unleashes his truths about the club’s difficult context

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Eighth in the League after 15 days and generally disappointing in the game, Olympique Lyonnais will have to show a very different face in the second half of the season. From Spain to Brest via the United Arab Emirates, Laurent Blanc takes advantage of the international break to put a group back on track. Placed under the heading of physical work, this preparation therefore means a break with the integral method project that Peter Bosz has been carrying out for a year and a half. If the results are not yet there, such as the blow against Arsenal (0-3), and certain behaviors are still tense, the former PSG technician intends to achieve the goals.

“To make a little humor, I will have to see Lyon soon (laughs). Seeing is one thing, correcting is another. Lyon has a problem and we have a big construction site. It’s up to us, meaning the whole club, to find victory and a game identity to get OL back where they need to be. Saying it takes five seconds, but realizing it… I hope I have the time.”assured Blanc for the first time in his interview with The team before responding to his detractors who accuse him of less involvement. “People I’ve worked with know it. That’s all I care about. In hindsight, those who extrapolate me or want to pass me off as something I’m not…Skill-wise it’s a little different, but job-wise I’m nowhere afraid of After that, efficiency is the most important thing, not working hours..

Laurent Blanc points out the current difficulties of OL!

Supporter of the beautiful game and proponent of an offensive game philosophy, the new technician of the Rhône also wanted to remind that winning was the only thing that counts for him: “I am a supporter of the beautiful game, but what guides me is victory and I was already such a player. It happened to me to make a little bridge in my surface because I thought it was the action to try, but I had no problem clearing the stands. In the interviews I have with the players, I insist that our food is the victory.”. In addition to the physical deficit observed when he arrived at the club, Blanc also did not hesitate to point out certain elements that could explain the current accounting situation. “We would be more competitive with anyone, but we almost never have been. For example, if we find the real (Corentin) Tolisso… It will come back little by little. And there are others. In general, Lyon has a good workforce. But we’ve fallen behind.”.

Aware of the work to be done, but with great sporting ambitions, Blanc has finally returned to the difficult context that currently weighs on Lyon. Lyon management, which is still in talks with John Textor seeking equity, is still slow to formalize the sale. A situation that the group does not leave behind, the coach of Les Gones acknowledges. “Totally distant would be a lie. That I’m so worried that I pick up my phone to read the news, no. I am pleased with my sporting mission. But one can only be influenced by the news. Because it affects the athlete, the employees… The general atmosphere is not optimal. Nevertheless, you have to go upstairs. We know people’s expectations. We represent OL, a club in a vague situation. I hope there will be a clearer picture. If the club is sold, things happen, and others if it is not sold, but not of the same nature. We are waiting.” The message got across!

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