Macron’s comments on the “security guarantees” to be given to Russia “taken out of context”, according to the Elysée

Words used “out of context “. This is the statement put forward by the Elysée Palace on Friday, December 9, regarding the reactions to Emmanuel Macron’s statement on the “safety guarantees” which he deemed necessary to bring to Russia, once the war in Ukraine was over. These words had provoked a lot of criticism, especially in Kiev.

At the beginning of December, on TF1, referring to the security system that needs to be rebuilt in Europe once the war in Ukraine is over, the French president had estimated that it would also “guarantees of its own security to Russia the day it returns to the table” negotiations.

“One of the essential points is the fear that NATO will come to its doors, it is the deployment of weapons that can threaten Russia”, Mr Macron explained, recalling Russia’s recurring claims. Some Ukrainian personalities and officials from Eastern Europe had expressed a certain annoyance, even outright opposition to these remarks.

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“The dialogue between the President of the Republic and the President [ukrainien Volodymyr] Zelensky is excellent »assured the French presidency on Friday. “There is a discrepancy between certain schools of thought or certain people, who try to isolate part of a sentence out of context, and the reality of the work we do, which is really done without any problems”, she felt, four days before a new conference on aid to Ukraine in Paris.

” A the end of the war, negotiations are underway”

French head of state “describes only what the Ukrainians themselves wish”explained the Elysée. “Ukrainians themselves, of course, are the first to want to get out of this war and eventually, at the end of the war, negotiations are taking place. »

Digging back on his remarks, Emmanuel Macron denied any controversy on Tuesday on the sidelines of the EU-Balkan summit in Tirana. “I always said the same thing, that is, at the end, during the peace talks, there will be territorial subjects over Ukraine and they will be Ukrainians and there will be collective security subjects all over the region”he added.

“We talk to each other every day, sometimes several times a day to prepare for this conference. There is no difficulty”, we insisted at the Elysée. A conference “for the resilience and reconstruction of Ukraine” will be held in Paris on Tuesday, intended to “explain Ukraine’s needs to ensure its economic resilience in times of war and its medium-term reconstruction, and to promote the mobilization of French economic actors on these two essential issues”according to the conditions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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