MaPrimeRénov’, heating, insulation… In the jungle of energy aid


The MaPrimeRénov system, set up in 2020, and about which the government communicates a lot, was heavily criticized at the end of October because of “ rare recurring technical glitches in a report by the Defender of Rights, the independent body headed by Claire Hédon, which is inundated with complaints.

While the National Housing Agency (Anah), which administers the system, ensures that the average time for examining files is 15 working days, many cases drag on for months.

According to a report prepared by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), 650,000 MaPrimeRénov’ files were accepted in 2021, with an average premium amount of 3,000 euros. Aid is granted subject to an income test.

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Rate shield

The tariff freeze is the State freeze of gas and electricity prices at their level of last winter, with an upward revision in 2023, lower than market prices. But subscribers to certain alternative energy providers had to return to EDF to benefit.

Moreover, if these frozen rates automatically apply to individuals, this is not the case for condominiums or social housing, which only receive aid afterwards. Moreover, this aid does not necessarily cover all increases in the bills for these collective housing.

Energy check

The energy check was introduced in 2018 to replace the social rates for gas and electricity. It is usually paid out to 5.8 million low-income households once a year, in the spring, to an average of 148 euros, subject to an income test. But in 2019, 25% of households receiving this check had not used it, mainly due to ignorance.

The editors advise you

With the crisis, the government added two extra special checks (100 euros in December 2021; and from 100 to 200 euros at the end of 2022, this time for 12 million households).

« People underconsume too complicated social assistance. For these social heating aids, it would be better if they were automatic by e.g. an increase in APL, it would be smoother and more efficient », Considers François Carlier, general representative of the consumer association CLCV.

Fuel check, wood check

Fuel oil and wood controls were announced at the end of 2022 to correct oversights in the tariff shield.

The fuel check is paid subject to income verification. It must pay out 200 euros in one go to households earning less than 10,800 euros a year, and 100 euros for households earning between 10,800 and 20,000 euros. 1.6 million households benefit from the 2.8 million who heat with oil.

For those who heat with wood, a specific check has also been announced, with an equivalent total cost (about 230 million euros), but the government has not yet announced how it will be distributed.

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