Meghan & Harry on Netflix: A new lie revealed, the couple still very much criticized

Was this Netflix documentary about the life of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a good idea? Judging by the more than mixed response since its Thursday morning release, we doubt it! Divided into six episodes, it presents the couple through numerous archive footage, but not only: indeed, both have agreed to answer a journalist’s (rather oriented!) questions.

Sitting next to each other on a couch, or each in an armchair, the son of King Charles and his wife confided in their meeting, their past and the reason why they left the royal family to settle in Montecito, the posh neighborhood of Los Angeles, in trust. But if these interviews seem to reveal everything without a filter, they would have been the scene of a big lie!

According to the British press, the villa in which they were filmed is absolutely not that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Without specifying it, the parents of Archie (3 and a half years old) and Lilibet (1 year old) would have chosen a house close to their home, but much larger and more luxurious, to give a false impression of their American Everyday Life.

In particular, the chosen villa would have an area of ​​1,300 m², six bedrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, etc. and would be much more expensive than that of the coupe: indeed, Meghan and Harry bought their house for 15 million dollars when they arrive in 2020, when it will be worth more than 30 million.

Lies and ridicule that shock the UK

So have they changed locations to mislead viewers or just to protect their privacy? Impossible to know, but that shouldn’t improve their image across the Channel, where Prince William’s brother is no longer in the scent of sanctity. At issue was a denial from the royal family, who assured they had not been contacted to take part in the report, although Netflix assured they had, without having received any replies. But above all, two passages from the first three episodes revealed, which shocked enormously.

The first concerns the broadcast of an extract from the interview Lady Diana gave to the BBC, which is now known to have been faked: at the time, journalists had manipulated the princess, who had just divorced Prince Charles, to get. secret information. Very shocked by this moment on the air, Princes William and Harry had received an apology from the BBC and the eldest of the family had asked that the footage never be broadcast again. A request that was not respected by his brother and that would have come back “fierceaccording to British experts.

The other controversial passage concerns Queen Elizabeth II and her meeting with the former actress. As Meghan Markle talks about the first lunch they shared, she mimics a bow that didn’t go down well with the audience, with some taking her exaggeration as misplaced mockery. Besides, seeing Prince Harry’s face didn’t please him much either…

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