new testimonies against Stéphane Métro, musical star, already tried for sexual abuse of a minor – Liberation

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“Libé” collected stories about the singer, already convicted of child crimes in 1996, but protected in spite of everything: coach at “The Voice Kids”, on the bill for prestigious shows or teacher of renowned establishments, he has been able to continue working with young people , some of whom testify today.

In her chocolate shop, in the Parisian suburbs, Alicia is busy. On this autumn afternoon, a few days before Halloween, the young thirty-year-old puts bags of sweets and trinkets in front of the window. On the other side there is the street and opposite the police station of Noisy-le-Grand. This is where singer Stéphane Métro came forward for several years as part of his judicial review. Naked skull, beautiful features and dark eyes… this face is familiar to fans of musicals. Specializing in unhealthy roles, he played the Prince of Verona in the Romeo and Juliet by Gérard Presgurvic or Count Von Krolock the vampire ball by Roman Polansky. Chance takes a strange path: Alicia has seen this face several times from her window. It is that of the man she accuses of child crime and whose trial for sexual abuse of a minor by an authority figure will take place on Wednesday after a six-year wait. So Alicia stamps her feet. And smoked a lot. She will be present at the court of Bobigny. Will the suspect recognize her? At the relevant time, she wore naturally blonde hair. Seven years ago, just before she filed a complaint, she decided to dye herself brunette.

For six months, Release collected his testimony and that of five other victims, four women and one man. Some had never told their story. They all describe the same process, that of a man

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