revelations about Lionel Messi’s freaking in the middle of an interview

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This quarter-final between the Argentinian and the Netherlands will mark the history of this 2022 World Cup, but not really for good reasons. Remake of the 2014 World Cup semi-final, this shock was tense from the first to the last minute. No less than 16 yellow cards and one red card were handed out by the match referee. Unheard of since the famous Portugal-Netherlands of the 2006 World Cup (16 yellow cards but also 4 red cards).

The game’s actors didn’t stop there, and they continued to exchange pleasantries on their way to the locker room. It was then that we witnessed an extremely rare scene. Usually so discreet that Lionel Messi was about to give an interview to the Argentine channel TyC Sports when he lost his temper when he saw Wout Weghorst. “What are you looking at, crazy?” Go there! » Visibly very annoyed, the number 10 of the Albiceleste then shackled by pushing a huge rant at the referee of the match.

Messi saw red

A very surprising scene that disappointed Weghorst, who just wanted to chat with the South American star. “I have a lot of respect for him as a footballer, but he hit me and wouldn’t talk to me. My Spanish isn’t very good, but he said some not very respectful words to take away. It was very disappointing.” Today’s newspaper ole was able to speak with the journalist who interviewed Messi, Esteban Edul. And this is what he saw.

“After the game, they were all bickering in the dressing room, not just Messi. Van Dijk was arguing with Otamendi. It looked like a Lanus-Banfield or a Newel’s-Central (hot derbies of the Argentine championship, editor’s note) , but it had more mouth because they were world stars. Most of Messi’s anger was about the penalty shootout, when the Dutch harassed the Argentinians. (…) The 19 (Weghorst, edit) was waiting in the tunnel. He approaches Messi and asks ​​​​him around his jersey. From there Leo started to warm up. The Dutch player didn’t understand, stopped and Messi insulted him. He insulted her much more before the start of the interview when he was a bit calmer. Leo told me during didn’t calculate the interview at any point He was so horny he didn’t look at me or listen to my questions I asked him about his incredible pass for Molina and he told me about Van Gaal, FIFA… I couldn’t do it to him questions.At some mome nt, while we were on the air I said to him, “quiet Leo” because there were a lot of people from FIFA and you never know what can happen. It is a memory that will live on forever. » We want to believe it…

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