Richard Berry accused of incest: his wife Pascale Louange, exhausted, recalls his “waking nightmare”.

At the end of the affair that shakes up her companion Richard Berry, Pascale Louange is out of the silence. On Sunday, December 11, 2022, she told Instagram about her “waking nightmare”.

“How do you defend yourself against a crime you didn’t commit?” Pascale Louange began her speech with that question. On Sunday, December 11, 2022, Richard Berry’s companion took to her Instagram account to share her thoughts on the case that shocked her. At the end, she spoke about the court decision and expressed the “waking nightmare” she has been going through since the actor was accused of incest by his daughter Coline. “By heavily condemning Ms. Coline Berry Rojtman for libel, the appeals court, after two public trials consisting of four female magistrates and two men, has closed this case in the only way possible. The verdict of the appeals court very thoroughly analyzes the fabrication of a lie. For two years I lived a waking nightmare next to a wrongly accused man” she explains.

Richard Berry case: Justice has ruled, the actor is fixated on his fate

According to the words of Pascale Louange, even if she did not know Richard Berry at the time of the acts of which he is accused, she is sure of his innocence. “Admittedly at the time I knew neither Richard Berry nor his daughter, but I know that Mrs Coline-Rojtman’s allegations against her father are false and I know he is innocent. I know this because the daughter of Jean MansonShirel, the only witness, strongly denied ever witnessing the sordid scenes described by Mrs. Berry-Rojtman. I know this because Richard is an exceptional husband, brother and father. I can’t hurt a child.” then adds Richard Berry’s wife campaigning for impeccable justice. “Defending yourself against a crime you did not commit is even more difficult when the facts are prescribed, and a trial is therefore impossible. I advocate infallible justice against all male assault against women, against all gender-based and sexual violence. I am too fighting for compliance with the rules and court rulings, without exploiting them. Should we criminalize the innocent to help the real victims?” she explains.

As Anne-Sophie Wagnon-Horiot, attorney for Farid El Hairy, wrongly accused of an innocent person, so rightly reminds us: satisfied with a single word”. I will never accept, as a wife and as a mother, that we deviate from ordinary fighting.” concludes Pascale Louange. As a reminder, in the Richard Berry case, the court ruled in August 2022. According to information from BFM TVwould the facts have been reclassified”of sexual assault against a 15-year-old minor“concerning Richard Berry and”bribery of 15-year-old minor“As for Jeane Manson. To BFMTV, the Paris prosecutor’s office clarified:”This proceeding was dismissed due to the public action statute of limitations being served.

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