RIGHT OR WRONG. War in Ukraine: did Wagner’s boss really send a bloody mace to the European Parliament?

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Did Wagner mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin really hand over a blood-covered mace to the European Parliament? Clarification of a series broadcast by Russia.

The press office of Yevgueni Prigojine, founder of the Wagner group, released a certain video on November 23: we can see how the lawyer, the one nicknamed “Putin’s cook”, hands over a blood-stained mass to another person, with the intention to hand over the same weapon to the European Parliament as a threat.

Prigozhin sent the European Parliament a sledgehammer in a violin case with an engraved logo of “Wagner” and traces of “blood” on the handle.

This is Putin’s world, which Ukrainians only fight for and give their lives to stop it. pic.twitter.com/crVqd7Uhon

— Jay in Kyiv (@JayinKyiv) November 23, 2022

This staging comes after the vote in the European Parliament on a text that qualifies Russia as a “state promoter of terrorism”. A cyber-attack then immediately hit parliament, but it seems that this is not Russia’s only response, with this bad joke that seems to have been orchestrated by Prigozhin.

A mace engraved by Wagner

The staging refers to a macabre episode from the war in Ukraine: the broadcast in mid-November of a video of the brutal execution of a ‘traitor’ of the Wagner group by a similar mob. The group’s prisoner, who had deserted to the Ukrainian camp, has had his skull fractured during the video broadcast by several pro-Russian accounts.

Yevgeny Prigozhin commented on the scene at the time, according to the BBC: “This video should be called ‘A dog dies like a dog’. He was injured during filming.

Questionable staging

After discussions in the European Parliament on the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, the company Concord, owned by Prigozhin, broadcast a message from its leader. “According to our legislation, from today we declare the European Parliament dissolved,” Prigojine said in this message.

He also indicated that he wanted to send a mass to the European Parliament: it is that of the video, which bears the inscription “PMC Wagner” and is stained with blood, in a violin case, referring precisely to the musician Wagner. While several media outlets reported that the mace had indeed been forwarded to an MEP, the reality is a bit different.

Prigojine learns that parliament has labeled his Wagner group a terrorist. In response, he sends us a blood-stained mass. Thanks to him for confirming what we say. Russian Wagner group says to send blood-stained sledgehammer to EU parliament https://t.co/kbcpEbJCLG

— Nathalie Loiseau (@NathalieLoiseau) November 24, 2022

A joke that could go further?

According to The Moscow Times, the man handing over the mace is a lawyer from the Wagner Group, Igor Yeliseyev. The recipient is a representative of Cyber ​​Front Z, a military blog related to Prigozhin’s Russian “troll farm”.

It is therefore a menacing scene. The mass has therefore not been forwarded to the European Parliament, without it being possible to know whether Prigojine intends – or not – to continue with his dubious joke.

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