Rugby player missing in Barcelona: a famous private detective discovers new clues, the trail of a bad encounter

Gavin Burrows took over the investigation. This detective is well known in England and has worked for stars such as Elton John and Paul McCartney.

One of the most mysterious facts of this end of the year. On October 29 Levi Davis vanished without a trace. This one rugby player English professional, known in his country for having made a real hit with his songs in the TV show x factorwas last seen in an Irish pub on the Ramblas, in Barcelona. And then, nothing. Except that his passport was found on the quays of the Catalan port.

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Since then, his family and in particular his mother has relied on the rather fragile state of his son’s mental health: gay and black, Levi has been the victim of harassment on several occasions. Injured, his future in rugby seemed shattered as he was gripped by depression. So he decided to take a few vacations Ibiza first before joining Barcelona and disappearing.


But when the investigation stalled, Levi Davis’ family received support from a private detective very well known across the Channel, Gavin Burrows, who has already worked for celebrities such asElton John or Paul McCartney. Every year, its London-based company Research line works on a handful of cases for free. For example, Gavin Burrows recently landed in Catalonia with an envelope of 10,000 pounds sterling (11,624 euros) for anyone who gives him information about the disappearance of Levi Davis.

Nice sleuth, Gavin Burrows confirms this Monday in the columns of the Sun “We have important leads, which we are currently and locally following”. “There are some clues here. And one of the main draws today is that when Levi left Ibiza in October, he spoke to someone on the ferry that took him to Barcelona.”.

“He must have spoken to someone when he came to Barcelona or made an appointment with someone in Barcelona. But that person didn’t show up.”.

Did Levi Davis have a bad encounter? If so, is it possible he met this person before arriving in Barcelona? The mystery remains intact.

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