ruined, a “TPMP” columnist moves to live with the woman he loves!

At the age of 61, the journalist Jean-Michel Maire seems to have already lived a thousand lives… and a thousand galleys too. In fact, this is the subject of his recent autobiography “Memoirs of a happy looser”, available on Amazon. A collection full of anecdotes little known to the general public about this ex-war reporter who also reveals many funny and sharp stories… like this time when he refused the sum of 700,000 euros to participate in a threesome! Today, calmer than ever, Jean-Michel Maire, who revealed himself to spectators through his numerous appearances on the “TPMP” sets at C8, has decided to change his life. At the microphone of Jordan De Luxe, he confided for the first time about his love life: “I am in a relationship, faithful and very much in love. It is a story written in ten years. She is the woman I love.”

“We broke up and then got back together…”

Even if, he adds, it hasn’t always been easy: “It’s been ten years since the story is complicated, because here it is … television is not necessarily an easy medium for the husband, because there are is always a game. Besides, I had the character of a seducer, which almost always gave her the false impression that I was in love with the guests or the columnists. Which was completely wrong, because all I thought about was her. So that caused friction, which meant that we broke up and then got back together … “, specifies the one who likes to publicly spoof Cyril Hanouna about his alleged conquests. So who is his lover? Jean-Michel Maire prefers not to give her first name, but admits that the latter lives in the south of France. A region where he has just decided to move in to live with her: “I am very much in love and I will definitely join her in the south,” he finally lets loose in the face of a stunned Jordan. Better: “We are looking at the apartments in Sainte-Maxime”! And to add: “I hope to leave as soon as possible. In a month. In January 2023, or even Christmas 2022. (…) But if someone calls me, I’ll be there. It’s an hour by plane,” he assures us in spite of everything, so as not to confuse his Parisian friends who have just been warned! And as for work, how does he plan to organize himself? “I don’t betray any secrets by saying I don’t work much anymore. I’m not complaining about it, but it’s true (…) I don’t have to be in Paris that often anymore. I already earn a lot less,” explains the person who is about to retire. “I earn 2,000 to 2,500 euros a month, with a rent of 2,000 it is difficult to play,” he concludes haphazardly. Definitely a winning start…

Live France

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