Sharon Stone has adopted a fourth child in the utmost discretion

Sharon Stone, already a mother of three adopted children, last year adopted a fourth boy, the best friend of her 22-year-old son, in the utmost discretion.

As usual, the actress has kept her private life and has not made this new adoption public, preferring to celebrate the arrival of the new relative with the family. It was the Daily Mail that revealed this adoption on December 9.

Son Roan’s best friend

After experiencing the pain of not being able to conceive naturally, with miscarriages contiguous, Sharon Stone resorted to adoption with her then-husband, Phil Bronstein, and welcomed Roan in 2000. In 2005, she appealed done on a surrogate mother for her son Laird and then adopted Quinn in 2006. Last year, the actress therefore wanted to expand her circle again by welcoming Roan’s best friend, from whom he is inseparable. A close friend of the family testified anonymously to the Daily Mail “She did something amazing, and that gesture speaks for itself. She had a difficult childhood and she wanted to start a family that matched her vision of things. It’s great for Roan because he’s her best friend and she loves having a big family around her.”

Indeed, the young man, whose first name or age is unknown at this time, has recently lost his only parent, as she explained at a film festival, according to the Daily Mail. “From childhood, my oldest son’s best friend lived with a single parent, who had Parkinson’s disease, and which he cared for for twelve years, until his father died during the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly he was alone (…) and I welcomed him into my house. Now I have four boys.”

Unlucky in love, but happy mother

Recently dumped by a younger man for not agreeing to botox injections, as she revealed to Vogue Arabia, the 64-year-old actress doesn’t seem to have had much luck with men going through his life. Sharon Stone was unable to have children naturally due to endometriosis and an autoimmune disease. However, she has taken revenge on life by being the proud mother of a quartet of boys who surround her with their affections. “I have lived in the same house for 25 years and I am happy to wake up in my house with my children. They are at a wonderful age where we no longer need to have a babysitter with us. I can wake up on a Saturday and come down, and they play and we hang out. We swim, we play basketball, we watch movies. We have such a great family dynamic.“While presenting the award, the actress said that”Motherhood didn’t come easily, but it came lovingly to me through the angels. We are a happy and happy family. This is the creed we defend.

Concerned about giving them the best possible education while being a single mom, Sharon Stone told People magazine to teach them the golden rules of being beautiful people:Now I sit down and tell them, this is where I have to teach you how to be a gentleman and a man and we’ll figure this out together. There have been times when we thought there might be someone else to help, but there isn’t. So that’s what we’re doing now“.

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