Slovakia orders 152 CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden

At the end of August, Slovakia ordered 76 AMVXP armored vehicles from the Finnish Patria for 447 million euros. Then, after agreeing to give up his infantry fighting vehicles [VCI] BVP-1 tracked vehicles [de conception soviétique] in Ukraine, it will receive 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks from Germany, as part of the Ringtausch initiative launched by Berlin to facilitate this type of exchange for the benefit of the Ukrainian army.

It was precisely the replacement of the BVP-1 that was then the subject of a tender for the acquisition of 152 new VCI. This market was coveted by the German company Rheinmetall [KF-41 « Lynx »]General Dynamics of European Land Systems [ASCOD 2] and BAE Systems Hagglunds [CV-90]. And there was talk of Bratislava making an inter-government agreement to finalize a potential order.

And finally, on December 12, the Slovak Ministry of Defense announced that it had just signed an agreement with the Swedish government to purchase 152 CV90 MkIVs, at a cost of €1.688 billion.

These VCIs will be delivered to the Slovak Army in various configurations [qui n’ont pas été précisées]. They will be produced within the framework of an industrial cooperation involving the ZTS špeciál group.

“The CV-90 meets the criteria of our armed forces. Today we have improved cooperation [entre la Slovaquie et la Suède », s’est félicité Marian Majer, le secrétaire d’État slovaque à la Défense. « Au cours des deux dernières années, le rythme de modernisation de notre armée a atteint des niveaux jamais vus depuis des décennies », a-t-il également fait observer.

Effectivement, outre l’achat de nouveaux blindés, la Slovaquie attend 14 chasseurs-bombardiers F-16 « Viper », lesquels remplaceront les 11 MiG-29 de ses forces aériennes. Pour rappel, ceux-ci ne volent plus depuis la fin août… Et on ignore ce qu’ils deviendront [transfert à l’Ukraine?].

With regard to this CV-90 order, the Slovak Defense Minister, Jaroslav Naï, considers it an “important step in the modernization” of his country’s military capabilities… and above all a “concrete progress in the development of a heavily mechanized brigade” that will enable Bratislava to meet its commitments to NATO. In addition, he added, this contract will provide a “substantial and long-term benefit to dozens of defense industry companies in Slovakia.”

In addition, this choice in favor of the CV-90 could affect that of the Czech Republic, which also wants to acquire tracked 210 VCIs. Last year Prague had canceled the procedure started for this… And the manufacturers who submitted a bid were the same as those of the Slovak tender.

“If the Czech Republic decides to purchase the same vehicles, it would affect the final price,” said the Slovak Defense Ministry. Indeed, the contract just signed contains a clause that allows the price of the CV-90s to be changed in order to possibly integrate “economies of scale”. However, in August, the Slovak and Czech defense ministers had agreed to cooperate on infantry fighting vehicles.

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