Los Angeles mayor declares state of emergency over homelessness

The mayor of Los Angeles declared a state of emergency on Monday after the skyrocketing number of homeless people. “a radical change” to solve this thorny problem for America’s second-largest city. Tens of thousands of people sleep on the streets of Los Angeles, their tents scattered across the city, stunned tourists who come to visit … Read more

The United States has successfully tested a hypersonic missile

The US military announced on Monday that it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile, an advanced technology that China and Russia are also developing on their side. The AGM-183A ARRW hypersonic cruise missile was launched Friday from a B52 strategic bomber off the coast of California and hit “a hypersonic speed five times faster than … Read more

Two ISIS leaders killed in US invasion of Syria

Two leaders of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) have been killed in an incursion by US troops into eastern Syria, the US military command for the Middle East (Centcom) announced on Sunday, December 11. In a statement, Centcom said its armed forces “successfully carried out a helicopter attack in eastern Syria“at dawn, kill”two leaders … Read more

three women shot dead by a neighbor, including a friend of Giorgia Meloni

A friend of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was killed in Rome on Sunday by a man who shot dead two other women and wounded four other people, the head of government and the carabinieri announced. The 57-year-old killer shot at participants in a syndic meeting in a northern district of the capital on Sunday … Read more

Ukrainian attacks on Russian-occupied Melitopol

Ukrainian troops attacked the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol (southern Ukraine) on Saturday evening (December 10), official pro-Russian sources and others loyal to Kiev said. This strategic city, which had a population of just over 150,000 before the war, is located in the Zaporijjia region, which Moscow claims to have annexed. The two sides provided conflicting … Read more

a jackpot of 143 million euros won by 165 Belgians

Behind the single winning lottery ticket from Tuesday night’s draw, there were several winners who had contributed to a common pussy. Each should receive almost 900,000 euros. One for all, all for one ! The stunning EuroMillions jackpot of €143 million was won in Belgium on Tuesday night. Only one winning ticket, but 165 happy. … Read more