EU approves ‘carbon tax’ at borders for green industrial imports

This device will subject imports in various sectors, such as steel, aluminium, cement or electricity, to EU environmental standards. Greening industrial imports by factoring in the carbon emissions associated with their production: The EU adopted an unprecedented mechanism at its borders on Tuesday, which also marks the end of “rights to pollutefree programs assigned to … Read more

prices at the pump continue to fall, diesel 9 cents lower

After booming in mid-November due to fuel discount planning, prices have fallen for the third week in a row. Fuel prices continue to fall. For the third consecutive week, the liters of petrol and diesel dropped last week, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Energy Transition, published on Monday. The drop was … Read more

Gas shortage threatens Europe next winter

In the foreseeable absence of Russian deliveries, savings and diversification measures are urgent, the IEA recommends. The European Union should get through the coming months without too many gas problems. “We have successfully resisted Russia’s energy blackmail. We are safe for this winter”Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, summed up Monday. … Read more

Giorgia Meloni challenges the Bank of Italy and upholds her budget project

The Italian Prime Minister has confirmed two important measures: raising the ceiling for cash payments to 5,000 euros and extending the flat tax for the self-employed. Despite strong criticism from the Bank of Italy, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Monday confirmed two important measures in her 2023 budget: raising the ceiling for cash payments … Read more

the EU is finalizing the modalities of a “carbon tax” at its borders

When the device comes into effect and who benefits from the revenue from the tax are the two main questions that remain unanswered. Greening industrial imports by taking into account the carbon emissions related to their production: The EU is finalizing the terms of an unprecedented mechanism on Monday, which should also sign the end … Read more

the French have (yet) seen virtually nothing of the bill

Rising energy prices and the weakness of the euro have widened the gap between the prices of French exports and imports. Gautierbzh – DECRYPTION – The total cost of the explosion in oil and gas prices is estimated by Bercy to the country at 85 billion. In the language of economists, the shock experienced … Read more

Parking garages, highways, public buildings… Will France soon be full of solar panels made in China?

DECRYPTION – The government wants to increase the country’s photovoltaic capacity tenfold, despite China’s virtual monopoly on solar panel production. A profound change. Renewable energy sources, starring solar panels and wind turbines, will represent the world’s first source of electricity by 2025, according to the International Energy Agency, draining the coal that has held its … Read more

The Council of State annuls the decree banning plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables

Many unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables may no longer be sold in plastic packaging since 1 January 2022. Less than a year after the ban on plastic packaging around certain fruit and vegetables came into force, they could make their comeback: the Council of State has withdrawn the implementing decree on Friday, which it believes.illegal», … Read more

Bruno Le Maire visits a nuclear power plant this Friday together with the new CEO of EDF

The Penly power station, in Normandy, is expected to accommodate the latest generation of EPR reactors. The economy minister will go to the Penly power station, located in Petit-Caux in Seine-Maritime, on Friday morning to “make an inventory of the works for the reactivation of the reactors“, we specify in Bercy. Bruno Le Maire will … Read more

a jackpot of 143 million euros won by 165 Belgians

Behind the single winning lottery ticket from Tuesday night’s draw, there were several winners who had contributed to a common pussy. Each should receive almost 900,000 euros. One for all, all for one ! The stunning EuroMillions jackpot of €143 million was won in Belgium on Tuesday night. Only one winning ticket, but 165 happy. … Read more