Russia would use expired bombs, for lack of supplies, according to the Pentagon

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – Moscow’s modern munitions stocks are dwindling “rapidly” and could only last until early 2023, according to the Pentagon, if Russian forces continue to bomb Ukraine at the current rate. A Frenchman wounded in combat alongside Ukrainian soldiers, at least two killed in Russian bombings in Kherson, Zelensky calling for more … Read more

the story of Le Figaro’s special correspondent

Former Ukrainian deputy and former CEO of the coking plant, Musa Magomedov, visited the site of the plant on Thursday, which reportedly suffered more than 500 bombs since the February 24 offensive. Albert Lores REPORT – “We are like a bone in the enemy’s throat,” explains the deputy of this place close to Donetsk. Special … Read more

Ukrainian attacks on Russian-occupied Melitopol

Ukrainian troops attacked the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol (southern Ukraine) on Saturday evening (December 10), official pro-Russian sources and others loyal to Kiev said. This strategic city, which had a population of just over 150,000 before the war, is located in the Zaporijjia region, which Moscow claims to have annexed. The two sides provided conflicting … Read more

Odessa without electricity after Russian explosive drone attack

However, essential infrastructures, especially hospitals and maternity units, have access to power, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency specifies. The city of Odessa, in southern Ukraine, is almost completely without electricity after an attack by “kamikaze drones” launched by Russia overnight, Ukrainian authorities announced on Saturday. ¬ęThe city is currently without poweran adviser to the … Read more

Russia could consider a pre-emptive nuclear strike to disarm an enemy, Putin says

For the second time this week, the Russian president dismissed the nuclear threat by hinting that Moscow could review its no-strike-first doctrine. Russia could change its military doctrine by introducing the possibility of a pre-emptive nuclear strike to disarm an enemy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday (Dec. 9). He was responding to a … Read more

with the last human shadows in the ruined ruins of Bakhmout

GREAT REPORT – Ukrainians cling, without water or electricity, in the cellars and ruined apartments of their city of Donbass, which the Russians have been attacking for months in anticipation of a victory. Tongues of concrete hang out from the floors, suspended from metal bars above the rubble. The five-story building has been tested by … Read more

opponent Ilya Yachin sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for denouncing the war in Ukraine

After launching the invasion of Ukraine, Russian authorities strengthened their legislative arsenal to silence critical voices. From our correspondent in Moscow With the heavy sentence of Ilia Iachine – eight and a half years in prison – the power wants to seal the coffin of the Russian opposition. Before his arrest at the end of … Read more

the United States allegedly held back the Himars to prevent Kiev from attacking Russia

According to Wall Street Journalthe Pentagon modified the missile launchers supplied to Kiev so that they could not fire long-range missiles that could hit Russian territory and exacerbate the conflict. Helping Ukraine, yes, but in no way. Since the beginning of the war, the United States has delivered 20 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) … Read more