Talking about ecology and CSR with an iPhone in hand is an insult to humanity

You know, you can tell me anything you want about CSR, corporate social responsibility.

You can tell me all you want about your virtuous behavior in terms of ecology and that you save the climate by sorting your garbage or by forcing others to eat quinoa or bulgur seeds produced across the oceans by trying to get all the people in pecking chickens.

You can yell, block traffic, put your hand on a work of art, or even be eco-anxious or rather eco-depressed, but if you’re doing it with an iPhone in your hand, you’re better off taking a healthy step back and a little nuance.

Why ?

Because read this article by Les Echos entitled “in the hell of the giant iPhone factory”.

What is certain is that you should not give lessons in virtue to others if you are so imperfect.

We need to stop looking at the unrecycled chaff in the eyes of the neighbors without seeing the ray of abuse for owning an iPhone.

“If I could, I would run,” says an employee at the factory in Zhengzhou, central China, amid violent demonstrations. Owned by Taiwanese Foxconn, Apple’s subcontractor, this giant site is running with workers forced into lockdown due to the surge in Covid cases.

“Let’s defend our rights!” “Give us back our wages!” “Down with Foxconn!” Demonstrations of rare violence erupted at the world’s largest iPhone factory, owned by Taiwanese subcontractor Foxconn. The venue, located in Zhengzhou, central China, has been nearly cut off from the world for more than a month and is applying very strict containment measures designed to quell a resurgence in Covid-19 cases. Before the epidemic, up to 300,000 workers worked in this factory nicknamed “iPhone City” and where most of the Apple smartphones are assembled, which are then sold all over the world.

Workers tried to escape the dormitories in the early hours of the morning, fighting with guards in all-white coveralls and trying to force their way through the barricades. Another video shows an overturned vehicle. In a third a worker with a bloodied head. In others, men use sticks to smash security cameras and windows. At the end of the day, police forces seem to arrive en masse to restore calm.

The risk of catching Covid-19 – always presented as the absolute danger in a country stuck to its ‘zero Covid’ policy – ​​and the cramped living conditions had already prompted thousands of panicked workers to flee on foot at the end of October , paralyzing part of the production. To keep the factory running, the company offered large bonuses to the remaining workers and tried to recruit new workers with the help of local authorities, who lent a hand by encouraging former members of the military and Communist Party cadres to connect to the factory.

Like him, many new hires have been pushed into isolation, forced to live in simple dormitories and subsist on spartan meals. “I thought Foxconn had made an effort on health, but there are new cases of infection every day,” he complains. The few days he was able to work, he was assigned to managing newcomers due to lack of qualifications.

Above all, the remuneration does not meet his expectations and the quarantine days are not reimbursed. “When I arrived, they told me I would get 30 yuan [4 euros] per hour, for ten hours of work per day. But I worked fourteen hours a day and my overtime is not paid, he says. »

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Source Les here to read the full article

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