The first Korean drama to win an Emmy that you absolutely must see

Because of the sweet but sad romance, ‘The King’s Affection’ ratings skyrocketed when it aired a few months ago.

The popularity of ‘The King’s Affection’ is not only about the mystery of the woman disguised as a man, but also about the fact that many actors like Rowoon, Nam Yoon-soo and Choi Byung-chan seem to give the impression of the genre” harem » which focuses on polyginic or polyandrous relationships.

The King's Affection netflix emmy drama coreen

“The King’s Affection” tells the story of a daughter and her twin brother from the royal family, who are immediately abandoned after birth as a daughter. To hide death from his brotherthe mother brings back her daughter, the princess, and raises her as Lee Hwi.

king affection

Although she distances herself from everyone, she begins to develop feelings for Jung Ji-woon, her teacher from a noble family.

The affections of the king netflix

Park Eun-bin plays the role of his brother, more specifically the Crown Prince, by disguising himself as a man.

Netflix: The first Emmy-winning Korean drama that you absolutely must see

The drama ranked on Netflix’s Top Series in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The series is now available in France.

The King's Affection romantic drama netflix emmy 2022

The KBS/Netflix historical/romantic drama won an award at the 2022 International Emmy Awards in the telenovela series category at the awards ceremony in New York City this week.

The King's Affection netflix emmy 2022

The telenovela series category was created in 2007 to award the best television series based on a melodrama or romantic drama produced and broadcast outside the United States.

Netflix: The first Emmy-winning Korean drama that you absolutely must see

This is the first award for a South Korean television series at the International Emmy Awards.

The King's Affection drama romantic netflix emmy

Together with the Banff International Media Festival in Canada and the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the International Emmy Awards are among the three most prestigious international television series awards.

The King's Affection surpasses My Name and Hometown Cha cha cha on Netflix

These US awards differ from the Primetime Emmy Awards in that they exclude series produced and broadcast in the United States.

itaewondrama netflix

On the other hand, Korean dramas are still going strong Netflix, which dominates the streaming market share. In addition to “The King’s Affection”, “Squid Game”, “Touch Your Heart”, ” Crash landing on you« , « Itaewon class« , « My name » and « Place of residence Cha-Cha-Cha » continue to prove their popularity.

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