the incredible talk of Hervé Renard during the half-time match against Argentina

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A resounding achievement. This is how you qualify for Saudi Arabia’s first match in this Qatari World Cup. Vallers (2-1) from Argentina, to everyone’s surprise, the Saudis also took the lead at halftime after a penalty kick converted by Lionel Messi. Two days after this incredible victory, the Saudi Federation broadcast this Thursday footage of French coach Hervé Renard’s half-time speech. What to understand about the Saudi revival after returning from the locker room.

During this sequence, we can hear Hervé Renard, translated by an associate, Saleh (Al-Sheri), giving a soap opera to his players. “What are we doing here, is it urgent? The pressing doesn’t mean you have to play high! (…) Messi, he has the ball in midfield and you stay in defense! Take your phones and take pictures with him if you want. Before continuing: “You were good with the ball. Did you see what you did? Don’t you feel anything? Don’t you feel we can come back? Don’t you feel it? They (the Argentines) play relaxed! Come on guys, it’s WK! Give it all!” The following ? Everyone knows her…

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