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Dr. Leonid Remiga, director of the Kherson hospital, who was arrested and tortured, showed himself to be a real opponent of the Russian occupier at the risk of his own life. Albert Lores

REPORT – Many inhabitants defy the Russian attacks and refuse to leave the liberated city.

Special envoy for Kherson

“Kherson, City of Heroes.” The slogan outlines the city streets on a yellow and blue background: Ukrainian colors. The heroic days are not over yet: it takes a lot of guts to keep living in Kherson, which was liberated from Russian occupation two weeks ago. A new hell has descended on her, inflicted by Moscow. His army, entrenched on the eastern bank of the Dnieper, pounded into the city, which had been largely spared destruction during nine months of Russian presence. And some heroes are starting to get tired. Under the sound of artillery fire, which strikes at regular intervals and blindly, an endless line of cars queues around this regional capital, the only one captured by the Russian army, 1is March, at the start of the invasion, before being recaptured by Kiev on November 11.

The residents of Kherson, who remain largely relieved by the Russians’ departure, face new…

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