The Ukrainian army claims to have destroyed the headquarters of the Wagner militia in Lugansk

The information should be taken with tweezers. According to a senior official in eastern Ukraine, whose remarks were relayed by the BBC et France 24 On Saturday 10 December, several dozen fighters of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner were killed by a Ukrainian missile in Lugansk.

According to Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of this Donbass region annexed by Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian troops attacked a hotel that served as the headquarters of members of Wagner, based in Ukraine. Note that the information was denied on the Russian side.

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“Big losses”

Interviewed by Ukrainian television, Serhiy Gaidai further stated that the hotel hit by Ukrainian soldiers was located in the city of Kadiivka, in the west of the region. Photos posted on Telegram channels on Sunday “showed a building mostly in ruins”add the Daily mail .

On the Russian side, according to the correspondent of France 24 in Ukraine Gulliver Cragg, is assured that the number of deaths is much lower than reported by the Ukrainian armed forces. In addition, the Russian troops deny the presence of members of Wagner in this hotel in Kadiivka. Only civilians were killed, they said.

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Serhiy Gaidai, for his part, said Russia had suffered “considerable losses” Saturday, adding expect“at least 50%” surviving forces die “lack of medical care”.

That same Saturday, December 10, dozens of Russian soldiers were also reportedly killed in Melitopol, Zaporijjia region, after a Ukrainian missile strike. On the other hand, the two camps have provided conflicting information about the goals of the strikes and the casualties.

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