Thiago Silva destroys Serbia coach

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Four years later, Brazil found Serbia on their way to the World Cup. And just like in Russia, the Auriverdes won 2-0, thanks to a magnificent double from Richarlison. However, the Seleção players did not have a perfect evening. Injured ten minutes from time, Neymar has to pray that his ankle hasn’t suffered too much.

But yesterday, some Brazilians were angry for another reason: Serbian coach Dragan Stojkovic’s pre-match statements. Asked about the likely highly attacking composition of the Seleção, the latter had goaded Auriverdes defenders by wondering who could defend in this attacking team. Words that did not please Thiago Silva at all.

Thiago Silva didn’t appreciate it

“We are always happy when we win 1-0, 2-0. Our joy means that we defenders don’t suffer. I don’t like to talk much, to create controversy, but their coach said: ‘They go with four attackers play, but who do they put behind? “It’s a lack of respect. We don’t ask anyone to be afraid of us. Just a little respect. If he had studied our team, he would have seen that we concede few goals, whether we play with three or four attackers.”he continued globebefore continuing.

“Today everything comes to us. You open Instagram and everything is on the front page. I don’t like to talk too much about our opponents, because we have a lot of respect for each of them. But I think he disrespected us, especially in the defensive sector. I think he knows who Marquinhos, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Thiago Silva are. We tried to neutralize their movements, they had no real chance to score. I hope next time he can study our team a little better and show a little more respect in his statement. » Dragan Stojkovic is dressed for winter.

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