“This…Breaks My Heart” Bts V Opens Up About What Happened In Paris, Fans Notify The French Army In Hybe

BTS’ V speaks out for the first time about what happened during his stay in Paris and his return to South Korea!

Overview: On November 15, the singer flew to Paris on a personal schedule.

No information about this schedule has been communicated to the fans. Many fans thought the star was heading to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony to support Jungkook. Fans asked this question after the idol’s short statement.

V said he should join Jungkook, fans wonder if it's for 2022 World Cup Qatar 2

V told reporters that he was going to join Jungkook, but was too late. The makane of the group traveled in a charter plane (private jet) from Gimpo airport.

V bts Jungkook bts Coupe du Monde 2022 Qatar

He also made the same hand gesture as Jungkook before leaving for the World Cup.

However, V landed in Paris, France for a secret schedule. Many fans suspected that some French fans were going to buy information.

However, a fan account shared that an employee tried to sell them BTS’ V schedule in Paris.

The person, who would become a staff member at V, was ready to sell him his schedule for about 350 euros.

bts france paris fans schedule information

The fact that someone who works for the idol company could be selling this information has enraged fans as it could fall into the wrong hands. Both fans and Korean netizens criticized the agency and behavior of some French fans.

This is not the first time an employee of HYBE and especially BTS has done very questionable things before.

BTS' V Speaks Out About What Happened In Paris, Fans An ARMY

Staff leaked band number ahead of release on Instagram, photo shoot footage, member would have Jimin even gave stage outfits to a fan.

A few years ago, a manager was criticized used BTS’s car for its own dates, which can pose a danger to members if they fall victim to recording devices.

manager bts copine bts manager

Further sasaeng information suspects claiming no interest in working with BTS as one of their employees have also come to light.

Fans criticize Big Hit for allowing its employees to take pictures of idols, whether for personal reasons or not.

They also condemn the agency’s failure to thoroughly verify why the employees worked for the company and abused members of various groups under Big Hit (now Big Hit Music/HYBE).

On November 20, French ARMY’s BTS’ V at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport surrounded Charles de Gaulle as he took off, raising concerns for the singer’s safety, who was not accompanied by bodyguards.

French ARMY criticized for their behavior towards BTS' V at Paris 32 airport

As a large crowd surrounded him, it seemed clear that he was uncomfortable and trying to hide his annoyance. The French ARMY present continued to follow the star closely, threatening its safety and that of everyone else.

Upon his arrival in Seoul, another crowd of fans and media, seeing that the singer had left Paris, was waiting for the idol.

BTS’s V speaks out about what happened in Paris, fans report French ARMY to Alt K-Selection’s HYBE.mp4 on Vimeo.

Fans strongly criticized HYBE and called on the agency to ensure the singer’s safety.

The French fan suspected of being the sasaeng who leaked the singer’s schedule has been reported to Hybe. Fans sent the following email to Big Hit.

“In an effort to continuously monitor and convict targeted harassment of BTS members, we are submitting recorded evidence of another sasaeng continuously invading BTS’s privacy. [..].

This sasaeng is called M****e P*******r and has now repeatedly harassed BTS members. For example, in July 2022, she went to the airport to see Park Jimin.

She also followed V/Kim TaeHyung from BTS when he was in Paris for Paris Fashion Week in June 2022.

Not only that, she wrote malicious posts about BTS’s V/Kim TaeHyung to defame him. Finally, she went to Polyc’s (BTS’ tattoo artist) shop to get pictures of Jimin’s tattoo from BTS.

Moreover, she recently went to Charles de Gaulle Airport to see BTS’s Kim TaeHyung in November 2022. She has a lot of information about BTS’s schedule and especially knows where they are not only in France but also in South Korea.

We believe that protecting the privacy of BTS members and preserving their mental, emotional and physical well-being is HYBE’s prerogative. This sasaeng fan has been stalking several members for months.

Therefore, we ask that you take legal action against this person as soon as possible.

sasaeng fan information:

  • Nom complete : M****e P*******r
  • French nationality
  • email: M****ep******[email protected]*****.com
  • Instagram: @****ep*******r
  • type : @****ep********r
  • twitter : @****ep*******r »

A few days later, V shared his own concerns in a post through his Instagram account.

The idol posted a photo from his journey and wrote a paragraph expressing that while he enjoys seeing armies on the journey, he was concerned about their safety as he saw people fall and crash into each other.

V’s story reads: “Have any armies or journalists been injured? I always worry when I enter or leave the country.”

v bts paris fans army

V concluded his post by saying that he hopes this doesn’t happen again as he fears people getting hurt.

“Seeing armies makes me happy, but seeing them pushed around or knocked over breaks my heart. It would be great to see each other again from now on without hurting or hurting each other.”

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