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Sexual violencefile

The presence of Sofiane Bennacer on the list of potential “best hopes” raises questions, especially since the casting director of “Amandiers” and one of the producers are members of the Academy.

This is another controversy that would have served the Academy of Caesars well, after trying to reshape itself from top to bottom by blowing up in 2020 the long reign that producer Alain Terzian deemed opaque and outdated. After Roman Polanski won the César for best director that same year, which led to the famously fulminant departure from the auditorium of Adèle Haenel, the Academy disintegrated, revised its teams, its statutes and sought the path of parity, of the best practices of its various committees. The “revelations” committee is once again in an unfortunate position, even though its selection and sponsorship system was considered not very transparent in 2020 and was under a lot of pressure.

Lack of discernment

What is this list of revelations? It is purely indicative and selects and promotes actors within the framework of the year’s discoveries, and who are in a good position to appear on the list of nominees for the Césars for best male and female hope. A reward that has the value of a bet on the future, and a blessing for a starting career. A first list will be made public on November 16, containing 16 actors and 16 actresses. three members of

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