VIDEO. Environmentalist gets his hand stuck in a block of asphalt after getting stuck on the road

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In Germany, an activist from the Letzte Generation collective put his hand on the road and it took more effort than expected to get it loose and lift his hand off the asphalt.

A German activist put his hand on the road in Mainz on December 9. Member of the German collective Letzte Generation (last generation, ed.), says Releasethe man had to wait for the jackhammer to be removed from the bitumen and stuck his hand in the asphalt for hours.

The 38-year-old is, according to various German media, a comedian named Raúl Semmler BILD. During the action, six militants tried to block one of the main roads from Mainz to Germany. They were four to have put their hands on the floor. According to a local police press release distributed by CheckNews, “The intervention troops of the technical intervention unit of the police headquarters ‘Intervention, logistics and technology’ could remove the glue from three people at the olive oil aid. The specially trained corps of riot police have been able to draw on the experience of other Länder and are prepared for this kind of scenario, with special equipment.”

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But the experience was more complicated for Raúl Semmler, as police said: “The 38-year-old was strapped in so tightly that he could not be easily released. To do this, traffic officials first had to cut through the asphalt with a grinder and a jackhammer, then remove it”.

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The police indicate that investigations have been opened for “violation of the law on gatherings, disturbing public order and damaging property”. According to CheckNews, Raúl Semmler assures that he is “well and with my hand too” and that he could even participate in another action of the group this Monday, December 12, in Berlin.

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